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Know It All, Not “Mr. Knowitall”

Know It All, Not “Mr. Knowitall”

There are many positions that can, and will, be filled for the traveling musical group or artist. Although it is important that you become “Expert”, or...

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The Roadie Guidebook in Review

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Rocky is one of the finest technicians I have ever come across in my 30 years on the road. Always ready to assist and armed with the right fix, adjustment or answer. He is truly one of a kind, a great friend and a fine human being. -Joey Schmidt

Rocky has had my back for the better part of two decades. From strings to gear maintenance, Rock has done it all and done it WELL. He is a great asset on tour…having his book would be the next best thing. Thanks for all you do, my friend! -Robbie Flint

I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Rock for 12 Tours so far. Let me say that not only is he in constant motion in GUITAR  WORLD changing strings, fixing cables,etc ,….He actually has time to tell me where I left my Hat, Glasses,Gum or Capo! He’s a true Pro that GETS IT DONE DAY IN AND DAY OUT…. Above everything and anything else He’s a FRIEND and I am BLESSED to call him mine. He’s not afraid to chew a BUTT when it needs to be chewed(NOT THAT ITS  EVER  MINE:) Seriously, that’s what makes him so special and cool. He SHOWS YOU(if you wanna learn) how to do the JOB right. I can’t imagine ever working the AJ Tour without him. Got lots of LOVE for ya old man!! See ya at Sound Check. – MontyLane Allen

Rocky is one in a million…an incredible instrument tech, person, and friend. He is such a hard worker, always doing something to help us out.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him when he wasn’t working on something. I’m blessed and honored to work with Rocky Harrison! –  Ryan Joseph

Rocky Harrison has been my equipment technician for 3 years. He has quite an interesting and varied background in the technical end of the music business. He has done audio, lighting, backline, production manager…etc. This background has been a real asset to us on tour when the inevitable glitch takes place. You never know how good a tech is until everything turns to $**t and Rocky has certainly and saved my bacon on numerous occasions.

In 2000, a guitarist friend of mine mentioned that he was having trouble finding a qualified guitar technician for the Tim McGraw / Faith Hill “Soul 2 Soul Tour”. Since Alan Jackson was taking a 4-month hiatus, I said ” Hey, what about me?” He said “Well, you know all about the gear, but you have never been a roadie!” I said “I can handle it!” and I went to find my copy of The Roadie Guidebook.

The Roadie Guidebook is a priceless collection of hard to find tips and information on being a roadie. It certainly helped me in my adventure into this world and I highly recommend it. I know from his work for the Alan Jackson Band, that Rocky is an eloquent spokesman for this valuable and often under-appreciated occupation. He is a man who has been there…. and done it.  -Tom Rutledge

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  • Robbie Flint
  • MontyLane Allen
  • Ryan Joseph
  • Tom Rutledge