A while back ago, and actually almost every day, I talk to family and work colleagues. Men, women, the young and the old. Just starting out in life and those who are approaching the end of a wonderful career. Don’t ask me how it happened, (I’d only be guessing anyway!) but somehow after thirty-two years in the business the one thing I have in common with them all, I’m their Friend. And after speaking with them, I’ve come to some very real conclusions. First, it seems in my studies that a “riff”, for lack of a better word, exists between roadies. This “riff” exists in my opinion as predominantly between the age groups (wow, nothing new yet, huh!) After speaking with them I’ve come to some very real conclusions.

This “Riff” in my opinion, is¬†predominantly an age difference problem. (Gee, nothing new yet!) It seems those roadies thirty-two and younger, and those forty and older seem to be having the most problems these days. I’ll lay the thirty-three to thirty-nine year old in the “Nebulous Zone”. These guys and gals could go either way depending on their upbringing and the atmosphere in which they find themselves. In some “camps” (another word for an Artist or Group’s organization) this situation is more noticeable than others depending on the age make-up of the crew involved, and the positions they hold. This number will swing pretty wide depending upon the “camp”. After my “evidence” gathering, it seems as if the “young” consider the “old” outdated and tired. The “old” are under the impression that the “young” are inexperienced or “out to get them”. I can tell you that I have seen instances where both age groups were right about the other. I could actually list incidents that would lead credence to both view points, but I wont because hurting people is not my intention with this blog. I do know, and believe that regardless of age, the type of person you are is at the core of all differences.¬† All of this going on reminds me of a lunch I had with my Dad on a hot summer day when he would come home and we would eat on the swing on the front porch. At the time, my dad must have been in his early to mid forties, still a pretty viable man it seemed to me at the time.(especially when he got pissed off at me and beat my ass!) As we were having our shaved ham and cheese sandwiches (I miss those BTW!) Dad looked at me and said, “Son, you’re my youngest boy and I’m gonna give you a little advice.”¬† In his lifetime he actually gave me an incredible amount of advice. “When you find yourself around my age, you’re gonna notice something.” “Yea Dad” I say over a mouthful of potato chips. “You’re gonna start noticing differences between people.” “How’s that Dad”? “Well, the young guys on the job (he was a carpenter for 50 years) always seem to have a better way of doing things, and the older guys think every idea they have is horseshit.” (If you knew my Dad, you’d know he even talked to his children like that!) Thinking about my ham & cheese I said “Well, where are you in all that?” He took a long drink from his tall glass of milk (I only saw the man drink two drinks my entire life. Beer and Milk in no particular order!) he said “Son, they’re both right. The problem is convincing them they are.” Again, the older I get, the smarter that man becomes.

Rocky Harrison - Old/New

Change is coming, you can feel it in the air,
It’s not just the weather, it’s change everywhere.
It’ a change in the weather that some only see,
as a change in the weather, that someday will be,
gone forever, only to be, gone forever, someday you’ll see.
Young to old and old to new, you bide your time,
until it’s time for you.