Activities in my life recently have me reflecting on the earlier days of my youth. You know, it’s funny how so many experiences we have in our lives that not only seem eerily the same, but if we think about them, they are downright Deja Vu’. Yes, the names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent. Sorry Dragnet, Lol. But if we reflect long enough and look deep enough inside ourselves, we might just find that all future events are merely reflections of events from the past. I’m going to tell you a story of my past that in my opinion, reflects greatly on very recent events in my life. It’s a story that I believe all who read these blogs will know well, and understand it’s implications. so without further adieu’, the story. By the way, have fun guessing how this story applies to my recent life because I assure you, I had a great time with the “research”!

As a child waking up on Christmas morning, like so many other families, was just magical. The tree with all the trimmings, the lights, the music, the food and yes, The Presents. Presents Glorious Presents. Everywhere you looked there was something wrapped in beautiful paper stacked on top of something else of no less beauty than its rider. With three kids in the house there was barely enough floor space to hold the copious amount of gifts bestowed upon the Harrison children by the Great and Powerful Santa Clause.

Such a joyous time for all! (Yea, Right!) So the three of us descended upon the beautiful bounty bestowed upon us, ripping and tearing the splendidly wrapped gifts, not unlike a ferocious gang of Hyena’s. At the time of the destruction, we rarely gave heed to what was actually in the packages. Opting instead to just keep our heads down and stay steady at our work until it was done. (Again, thanks Dad) Actually playing with the newfound bounty wasn’t even a distant thought at the time. That thought only occurred much later. After every gem of a present had been unearthed and tossed aside.

Now I don’t know how Christmas was in your household (or even if you celebrate that holiday!) but in my mine the best present, the one you ripped through all the other gifts to find was saved for last. Often hidden from view by our parents, the “Special” gifts that each of us received were handed to us personally by our parents. This was to ensure that each of us received our “Special” gift, among other reasons. I may be wrong, but I’d be willing to bet that many families across America have similar traditions and ways of doing things. And I’m willing to make an even larger wager that they might have had the same results as I had with my Christmas gifts.


After waiting sometimes all year for that present you’ve dreamed about, The one gift you’ve thought about doing all that cool stuff with and to, it just didn’t turn out the way you thought. : (. Maybe the batteries didn’t last long enough, maybe it didn’t go as fast as you imagined it would. Who Knows! It could be anything, and it usually was. The thing that always seemed to ring true, however, is that you had built your expectations up so high that they had nowhere to go but down.

Think about it, it’s happened to us all. It might not have been Christmas, it might not have been a toy. It might be something altogether different. But what it most definitely was. well, you know.

Family Christmas