Never Ending Number of Firsts

I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about my “first” blog. And then I began to think about how wonderful this week has been. Rarely in life is a man blessed with so many loving friends and family. Their help, guidance and advice has been invaluable during this week’s  exciting events. Without all of them, my dream of RocktheRoadie would have remained just that…a dream.

In future blogs, I plan to talk about everything from gigs of the past week, to the colorful people that are all around me, who never seem to be in short supply.  This is however, my first blog, so I thought it important to talk about “firsts”.

From your “first” day of school to your “first” kiss, to me the “first” thing that pops into my mind when I think of “firsts” is excitement! When I do something for the “first” time (depending on what it is!) my pulse quickens and my heart races.  Take my word for it, if my cardiologist would have been watching this week, he and I probably would have exchanged a few words.  (lol)

But isn’t that what life is all about?  Shouldn’t life be a never ending number of “firsts”.

I’d like to close my “first” talk with you on a personal note.  Almost two years ago, the woman I spent twenty-five years of my life with passed away.  It was not sudden, and we were able to talk about many things before The Lord called her name.  There are many things she wanted me to accomplish for her, including my last “Honey Do” list.  So this week of “firsts” ushered in a “last” for me, personally.

At the bottom of my list were two simple words.  “Move On”.  Not only were they the last two words on the list, they were the hardest of all my promised tasks.

Well, this week of “firsts” found me having dinner with a beautiful, intelligent woman.  We talked and laughed for more than two hours.  Thank you Anjie.

Yes, this week was full of “firsts”.  And one “last”.