I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what motivates us all. What makes us say, act, and do as we do each day? It’s not a simple question, and the answers, well the answers are infinite. I talk about my life and my work often in this blog (is there a difference?) Almost everyone does their best to try and separate work from their home life, and in most if not all cases, I believe this to be true. I’ll try and give you an example of exactly what I’m talking about.  When I would go to work and leave on Wednesday, get home on Sunday. A typical three show weekend, shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday, home Sunday. Unbeknownst to me, my wife would tell the boys, (two grown men who lived on their own, still boys to us!) “Now Rocky is getting home on Sunday, you know how he is, don’t even think about coming over here for at least a day or two.” I had no idea. Imagine that. For years the “boys” didn’t show up the first couple of days after my weekend work and I, of course, never thought about it twice. A few years before she passed, I came home early on a Sunday morning after a “not too difficult”  weekend and said to my wife, “Honey, why don’t we have the kids over for dinner tonight? It’s nice outside, and I haven’t seen them in a while.” Her back was to me and I heard her chuckle before she said, “You just got home sweetie, we wont see them for at least a day or two.” I stopped in my tracks and said, “What exactly does that mean?” She looked at me and smiled (Beautiful smile BTW) and said, “Now Honey, we don’t talk about this very much, but sometimes (actually every single time!) when you come home from the road, you’re…….still in “work mode.” ” (of course she was being kind) My typical response of course was “What the hell does that mean?” {For those of you who know me, you know exactly HOW I said that!} She laughed and said, “Well, just what you said is a good start.” Me, “Huh?” her, “When you get home from the road sometimes, (every single time!) it takes you a day or two to…..unwind.” Me, “What do you mean?” Her, ” When you come home from the road you sometimes forget, (always!) that not everyone around you is one of your Stage Hands or Truck Loaders.” Now let me be clear, I love the Hands and the Loaders I get to work with every day. They all work extremely hard, and without them, my job would be damn near impossible. That being said, we are there to do an extremely difficult job in a very limited amount of time. There are not a lot of “Pleases” and Thank You’s” thrown around if know what I mean. I looked at her as I thought about what she had just told me and said, “So all these years the “Boys” haven’t been coming over for a day or two after I get home because basically, I’m an asshole”. She laughed and said, “Now I wouldn’t put it exactly that way, but it does help if I “sand off the rough edges” before you get around too many people.” I guess my lifestyle lends itself to many rough spots and hard edges that need sanding all the time. So guys, take it from someone who knows. Take care of “Sandpaper”, it does more than you think.

Rocky and Brenda Harrison

  • Tim MeLear

    How true,well put Rock your a poet and dont know it!!!!