Simple Man

Admittedly, this story has taken me a while to write, but one worth telling. Especially given the recent events in my life. It’s the story of a simple guy, who worked for another, not so simple guy. Now, I don’t want to put down, or belittle the simple man because in fact, he was the most honest guy you might meet. Some would say, “The guy can be an asshole, but I’d trust him with my life.” I guess with good, there’s always a little bad. As a matter of fact, it got him in trouble more times he’d care to admit. These two guys shared a fairly uneventful, yet very successful ten years together. As you know, trust tends to build over years, and rightfully so. They had a great working relationship, each counting on the other for certain things. All of which, were always working related. After about ten years of working, and relying on one another, the simple man had a heart attack. Of course this attack was brought on by poor choices in his life, and he had no one to blame but himself of course. It was, however, where this simple man learned a great deal about the not so simple man. After ten years of working very closely together, he learned, that maybe the not so simple man considered the simple man more than a “simple man”. The simple man missed many, many, months of work if not over a year during the attack and recovery. And the not so simple man, well, he treated the simple man like family. He kept in contact with the simple man making sure his recovery was going as expected, and also paid the simple man. Just like he was out there doing the job. As time went on, the simple man recovered. As a matter of fact, he’s recovered so much, he gives thirty year olds a run for their money! Lol. This story, in itself, is the story of how one man treated another. And it would be enough, in my opinion, to consider the “not so simple man” just a Good Man. But there is a little more to the story. About four years after the simple man had his life changing event, tragedy entered his life once again. The love of his life, the woman with whom he’d spent the last twenty five years of his life, developed what became an untreatable form of breast cancer. She fought bravely for years, but in the end, it was too much. And do you know what the not so simple man did? He gave the simple man many, many, months off work – with pay – to spend with his dying wife. That my friends, is when the “not so simple man” became just A Good Man, to the simple man. Later, the simple man learned that at exactly the same time that he and his wife were going through the fight of their lives, they weren’t the only ones. The not so simple man’s wife was going through cancer treatment at the same time as the simple man’s. She won her battle, and the simple man prays that she never has to do battle again. If she does, she’ll have his praying hands. Many people have many stories of the not so simple man, this is mine. If for whatever reason he needed the shirt off the back of the simple man, I’m guessing he’d have it with a bow on it.Rock The Roadie Doing a Guitar Change with Alan Jackson