Stories of the Road: Preface

When I first started thinking about putting “Stories of the Road” together, I began to think about just how incredibly fortunate I’ve been. I have personally suffered through a heart attach and many losses in my life, including my wife. However, as far as my career is concerned, I believe I have been blessed. People are people, however, regardless of their talent or abilities, just because you write or perform a number one hit, does not necessarily mean you are a number one person. It means you have talent and talent, my friends doesn’t automatically mean that you are a good person of the heart or mind.

The stories I’m about to share with you span a career of over thirty years and more than eight bands. To the best of my ability, and memory, (LOL!) I’ll attempt to convey to you exactly how I saw things at that precise moment in time.

Sometimes sad, often humorous but always true, these stories come from not only my personal experience of over thirty years in the music business, but from the bottom of my heart as well. As I write these stories, it is not my intention to be malicious or nasty but only to convey the truth. Unfortunately, sometimes the truth sounds a lot like someone being just that. That being said, many of the people of which I write are still around today. If not performing then at least living a life of ease or at least semi-retirement. Sorry Hank, not you. Hang in there buddy!

I’m going to do my best to tell these stories in chronological order. I may not always succeed but that is my intent. The first set of stories revolves around the very first act I worked with in the music business.

It was 1983, and the man was Henry Lee Summer. Yes I know, many of you haven’t a clue as to who Henry Lee Summer was, and rightfully so. He had a couple of top 20 hits in the mid to late 80’s that for a brief time made him a viable opening act for some of the biggest groups and artists of that time. Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaugn, and Eddie Money just to name a few. So now, without further adieu:

The Henry Lee Summer Days: Paybacks are Hell

Classic Rock the Roadie