Go through channels. If you are a band gear tech, lighting tech, or sound tech, all questions concerning the stage should be directed to the stage manager. All other questions should be either directed to the production manager, or tour manager. If you are a stage manager and have a question concerning stage hands, you should contact the crew chief or the union steward. If you are a stage manager, one of the first things you’ll do, even before the trucks get unloaded, is to aquanaut your self with who is in charge of the stage hands. Creating a good rapport with this person will probably dictate how the day will go. The more knowledgeable and confident you are about your job, the more respect the stage hands will have for you. Never be obnoxious or irritable when dealing with the hands. Like my dad always says “you can catch more flies with sugar, than you can with vinegar.” If you are happy and pleasant, those around you will usually pick up your vibe and be happy and pleasant themselves.

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