Harry Connick Jr Talks About Rocky with David Letterman

This cut from the Letterman Show has a little back story I’d like to tell you about. When I was Harry Connick Jr.’s Stage Manager, there was a period of time that he was pursuing movie rolls (Independence Day, Hope Floats and Copycat to name a few.) while playing music only sporadically. While he was filming, he encouraged me to do other projects but be there for him when necessary. He had me on salary the entire time BTW! Well, during this time I had the opportunity¬† to go out as guitar tech for musician and talk show host John Tesh. During my 4-5 month stint with Tesh, we did a show at Red Rocks in Colorado that was recorded and went gold. John was gracious enough to give me a gold CD with my name on it to put on my wall. A few months later, Harry called and said he needed me in New York to do a Letterman show. As I was walking out the door after load in, Harry’s car pulls up and he says “Rock, get In here a minute.” So I get in and the first thing he asks is “What’s it like working for that Tesh guy?” I said “Well Big H, (I called him that) I guess it was all right, but the guy did give me a gold CD to put on my wall.” (I never got one from Harry) He looked at me a second and said, “He did huh?” “Yea, he did.” I said. We finished our conversation and did the show that night.¬† As Harry was coming off stage after his interview segment, Biff and I were hanging stage right where the artists enter and exit the stage. As he passed me he said “Hey Rock, I told a story about ya’, did ya’ hear?” I smiled and said, ” Yea, big H, I sure did.” I don’t know, you tell me, was this Harry’s gold CD for my wall?

  • Dan Michaels

    Was Biffs’ name Terry Wade?

    • rocktheroadie

      Hey Dan, call me when you’re in town.